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Antistatic ESD Grounding Wire for Electronic

Antistatic ESD Grounding Wire for Electronic

  • FOB Price:
  • USD 0.50 /Piece
  • Order Quantity:
  • 1000(Min.Order) /Piece
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  • No.500,West Chenghu Road, Wuzhong District

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  • Place Of Origin:China

Sucker Material: PP (Black &Yellow)
Release static electric charge time: <0.1s(1000V~100V)
Safe grounding resistance: 1MΩ±20%
Connection wire size: Φ2.4mm
Packing: 1pcs/box, 100pcs/case

Model NO. Type Construction
GW0101 One terminal and one sucker PU Conductive Wire, Sucker, Claw nails, ring terminals, female buckle
GW0102 One Sucker and one Alligator clips PVC Conductive Wire, Sucker, Alligator clips
GW0103 Double Suckers PVC Conductive Wire, Double Suckers

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